Program Objective

CFRD EmPower is a partnership program between the client, their care team and Attain Health. The goal of the program is to significantly increase CFRD awareness and education through a virtual, hands-on approach to disease management.

Benefits to Clinic

  • Liaison between clinic recommendation and home implementation
  • Client engagement on a weekly basis to encourage disease management
  • Weekly/Bi-Monthly summaries of blood sugar data trends (for clinic review)
  • Food log summaries (for clinic review)
  • Approved Endocrinologist CFRD education and tips
  • Utilize education to empower patients

Benefits to Client

  • 1:1 vision planning and value assessment with Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • Education to foster disease management and empowerment
  • Development of clinic approved action steps
  • Engagement from home environment
  • Receive glucometer and access to real-time data and blood sugar and food tracking
  • Video conferencing and health technology, providing daily motivation, peer motivation and accountability

Program Requirements


  • Desired blood sugar parameters
  • Articulate any concerns or clinic based goals for their patient
  • Satisfaction survey (post pilot)


  • Adhere to clinic recommendations for daily blood sugar checks
  • Submit photo food log requirements
  • Attend education webinar
  • Attend weekly group health coaching session
  • Pre/Post A1C
  • Pre/Post Assessments (AweScore, PAM, GAD7)


Program Timeline & Cost: 3 month program, free of cost to client