Membership Program

Our emPOWER Project is just like a gym membership- it is a monthly investment in your health. The difference between our program and the gym program is that we also live with CF, we understand all of the demands that are a part of CF disease management and the program is designed specifically for where you are in your disease progression and what your goals are. You can also do our program from the gym or at home as everything is virtual and your program is app based.

Attain Health (AH) was created to work collaboratively with patients and caregivers to become empowered, activated and to establish a mindset of adherence. Our platform of Integrative Health and Performance Coaching follows the Duke Integrative Health Coaching model to provide a program that will create lasting change in client’s lives. AH will partner with individuals living with CF or their caregivers to create a personalized program to set health goals, develop an attainable plan, and establish new habits. AH will work in collaboration with clients to understand the skills and techniques necessary to overcome inevitable setbacks and to achieve each client’s vision of their ultimate health. 

Program Goal Outline:

● Provide strength and conditioning and integrative health coaching to individuals with cystic fibrosis
● Help people achieve health goals in regards to exercise, nutrition, adherence, and self care
● Track progress by recording: FEV1, Number of CF related hospital Days, AWEScore, 6-min Walk Test and / or Modified Coopers Test

Strength and Conditioning

● Initial video consultation, 60 minutes: goal setting, movement screen, exercise overview
● Progressive training programs, refresh every four weeks: mobility, strength, conditioning
● Weekly 15-minute video meetings: goals, exercise form, answer questions
● Access to exercise video library
● Access to training app

Integrative Health Coaching

● Initial video consultation, 60 minutes
● Bi-weekly video meetings, 20-30 min
● Bi-weekly email check-ins
● Access to peer support groups

Our program holds a monthly membership fee of $50/mo for one service or $100/mo for the full program.

A sliding scale is available thanks to our partner in the community:

(Please email us for the sliding scale application,